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EKRA designs and develops
Custom Mobile Apps

Have you ever thought about an App for your business?

We specialize in helping businesses identify the right solution for their needs and developing customized applications based on their unique features, for Android and iOS.


We offer the opportunity to create an exclusive App for your company, which can become a fundamental tool to differentiate yourself from the competition and boost your business.
Our Apps are intuitive and easy to use, both for users and for administration. 


The benefits of a customized business App personalized

Optimize the timelines

Optimize work timings and simplify tasks, thanks to the functions of the App connected to your company website and its Backend system. Provide a tool to manage business processes in a few taps, so as to carry out work more efficiently and quickly.


Share useful materials

Provide all the business documents, resources and data your employees need in an instant, saving precious time and avoiding frustrations.


Communicate with customers

Communicate directly with your customers at any time, sending unique offers and personalized communications.
Engage your customers more incisively and retain them, developing Brand Awareness with reduced costs.

Observe the statistics

Analyze user behavior statistics and data at any time, thus improving performance and activities based on the collected data.


Improve internal communication

Optimize communication among employees, without hitches or interruptions. Increase team cohesion and improve the effectiveness of internal communication, for example between departments or branches.


Why choose EKRA for your App development?


Our team of professionals has 10+ years of experience in App development, with expertise and in-depth knowledge

Pay attention to UI and UX

With an interface designed for intuitive and enjoyable interaction with the App's features.

Flexible Integration

For Apps that can be integrated with other EKRA solutions or third-party software, to complete or consolidate functionality.

Customizable features

Features designed and developed to fit the specific needs of each activity.


To support the growth of your company and adapt to changes.

Guaranteed safety

Tools and features are designed to ensure the protection of your data and your users'.

GDPR Compliance

All our solutions are designed to comply with the current GPDR regulations.


Full assistance and ongoing support even after the App's publication.

How a
Custom App is born

Everything starts from your specific needs.



Preliminary analysis

All the features of the app and the characteristics it must have are established. It is at this stage that the main objective of the App must be identified. Once the useful information has been collected, an estimate of the timings is made.


The wireframes are created, which is the initial structure of what will be the actual App, the design and the general look are also established. During the design process, the customer is involved to decide the appearance of the App.


At this point, the actual App is developed. During development, we make sure to carry out the necessary tests to ensure that everything works correctly.


Once the tests are completed, the App is published on the Stores chosen by the client.
From this moment it is possible to start using it, simply downloading it on your mobile device.


Our commitment does not end after publication.
We strive to follow you and listen to your feedback to improve your customers' experience. We are always available to modify the App's features and update it accordingly.

Some Apps that we have already developed

Driving Lessons Management App and Calendar

An App specifically designed for driving schools, dedicated to managing the calendar of driving lessons, both for registered students and driving instructors.

It allows you to manage, modify and cancel appointments, receive notifications and organize reservations for theory lessons with limited numbers.


Find out more about Drive App, our complete solution for driving schools.

Activity Monitoring and Intervention App

The App designed to manage the timing of operations in the most intuitive way possible, specifically designed for body shops.

With the scanning of QRCode generated for each specific operation, the operator can start the timing of his work activities, to facilitate the compilation of invoices and documents for insurance.


Find out more about our solution for body shops: AutoMate.

Fast repurchase app

Re-Buy is the App to facilitate the purchase and repurchase of a good, with a simple scan of a QRCode or a barcode located on the product.

The order arrives directly at the company management system, without the need for operator interventions, management of phone calls, faxes or emails.


Discover the App for easy repurchase, related to our e-commerce.

App for the protection of Made in Italy

A project under development that will allow consumers to verify the authenticity of a product (fashion, food, design etc.).

Through an RFID, it will be possible to view the product card, with origin, properties and related products. At the same time, companies will be able to verify that their products are in the correct place and that they have not been smuggled or sold illegally.


The project will use Blockchain technology to certify product information.

Are you interested in a custom App for your needs?

Tell us about your project

We are always curious to discover new ideas and opportunities.

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