Body Shop Management Software

AutoMate: for managing repair activities and facilitating the compilation of insurance documents



EKRA's management software for Body Shops is the solution for real-time management, especially of repair activities carried out by the staff.
Simple and intuitive, it allows you to optimize timings, organize the day and make the burden of compiling insurance documentation lighter.


Keep track of the repair activities and compile the insurance documents in a blink of an eye!

Software gestione lavorazioni carrozzeria



Reduce time wastes and optimize work

Identify the tasks to be performed for each incoming vehicle, let the system automatically associate the ideal staff and monitor the processing times, even in real time
Organize working days by reducing downtime and keep customers updated on the status of the work, optimizing the customer service too.

Generate complete reports, detailed to the second, of the activities carried out for each vehicle, or performed in a certain period by a specific employee.

The reports are ideal for compiling in detail the necessary insurance documents after an accident.


How AutoMate Works

Scanning simple barcodes allows real-time monitoring of ongoing work activities,

with the generation of complete and accurate reports for each vehicle and each operator.

Management System

The portal for administration, completely online and accessible anywhere with an internet connection.


Essential for the registration of incoming vehicles, assigning work to the vehicle, monitoring the progress of repairs and various statistics. Customizable according to the needs of the individual body shop.



The support app provided to operators. 


For them, it is enough to frame the barcode of the operation on a vehicle to start monitoring activities.
Also useful for monitoring and managing attendance.

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Optimize the organization of your body shop

The system supporting your work

AutoMate is the EKRA software specifically developed to optimize work management in body shops.

It includes the management of:

  • Vehicle records
  • Work register
  • Monitoring of entries and exits
  • Repair progress
  • Statistics for insurance
  • End of work alerts for customers


Software gestionale carrozzeria

The advantages of AutoMate



Quickly fill out the vehicle card directly from your tablet or computer.
Is it already your customer? Then just assign the new necessary jobs.

Discover with a click the hours spent, by whom and for which vehicle.




Based on the damage reported by the vehicle, identify the necessary work and establish the work schedules in advance in an easy and direct way. Check the actual time spent and monitor the progress of the work.

Set alerts to signal the exceeding of thresholds, generate reports with a precision to the second and reduce downtime. 




Monitor the performance of your employees and record the activities carried out with the time spent.
Not only for work on a vehicle, but also for activities carried out in the body shop, such as cleaning the premises or maintaining the tools.




AutoMate is a management software entirely developed by the EKRA Team, for this reason we can customize it according to the needs of each body shop, adapting it in the best way.




AutoMate is part of a larger system, which allows the integration of many other ready-to-use features on request: website, surveys, newsletters, GDPR management, e-commerce and much more, all fully integrated and manageable from a single portal.


The tools included
in AutoMate

Records of completed interventions

For each vehicle and for each operator.

Vehicle Cards

With the detected damages, processing times and insurance data.

Daily activity log

Turns carried out by each operator, with alert for failure to reach the set hours.

The software that optimizes the management of activities in body shop

For easy management of labor and hours

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