Privacy Management Software

The tool to manage GDPR and comply to all the EU regulations.
Ideal for micro, small and medium-sized businesses


The complete EKRA tool for Italian companies, which allows a 360° management and protection of the privacy of customers, suppliers and employees, both online and offline.

The Web Portal that helps entrepreneurs to comply with current regulations in a simple and intuitive way. Not only for online consents, but also within their own company.




Stop the headaches caused by GDPR


The topic of GDPR and Privacy can be particularly delicate for many businesses, as it can put the administration in difficulty, because too often it finds itself without the right means or adequate knowledge.


EKRA provides a tool dedicated to Privacy management, for websites, newsletters and also for the management of various documentation required by regulations within the company. So, both online and offline.



Software gestione GDPR in azienda

What will you have at your disposal?

Models and templates

More than thirty models at your disposal (contracts, declarations, assignments, etc.), useful for drafting the material required by the GDPR, with the possibility of saving your customizations.

Document Management

All the documentation produced can be created and managed directly from the web portal, without printing a single sheet of paper, with the possibility of saving it in Cloud, where it always remains accessible.

Setting and managing records

It is possible to keep the Owner's Register, the External Manager's Register, the Risk Analysis and the Activity Plan up to date directly from the online platform, with all the information required by the Guarantor.

Alert system

Through a real-time updated dashboard, the system automatically signals all those times when it is necessary to carry out activities for GDPR compliance, such as the need to verify the truthfulness of documents.

Printing of documentation

In case of verification by the authorities, with a few clicks it will be possible to print all the necessary material for checks, with the certainty of having the latest version of the documents.

Consent log

The system allows you to keep a record of consents obtained online (from your own website, from newsletters sent, from request forms), in a completely compliant with privacy regulations.

The Benefits


Simplified Document Compilation

Instructions for compiling the company documentation required by the Guarantor.



Preset Models

Dozens of models already ready for use.



Always available and reachable

Completely online and accessible anywhere, at any time.



Without paper documents

Potentially paperless system, to avoid physical archives, paper waste and loss of documents.



Online Consent Automatic Registry

Automatic collection of consents for the processing of data coming from the web, such as from the Website or the Newsletter.


The only GDPR software that supports online and offline

Not just web protection, but also GDPR management in the company.


The GDPR software developed by EKRA provides 360° support for GDPR management.

So not just online, with the collection of data processing and cookie consents, but also for documentation related to physical business activities, such as those for employees, suppliers or collaborators.



Online GDPR Management

Automatically manage the data processing of users who access your website, your e-commerce, or interact with your newsletter.

Keep a legally compliant record of users' cookie preferences and allow a granular choice of the same, which can also be modified later by the users themselves.

  • Automatic consent log for data processing
  • Automatic log of cookie choices

GDPR Management in the company

Manage Privacy and related forms within your company in a comprehensive way

Keep the company profile updated with the necessary data, archive the completed documents, maintain the Data Controller and Processor Register, organize an activity plan and possible risks, all in the same portal.

  • Models and documentation archive 
  • Data Processing Controller Register
  • Data Processing Processor Register
  • DPIA
  • Plan and Activity Register
  • Violations Register

Improve the management of GDPR in your company

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