The Italian 4.0 Solution for remote control of coffee machines, designed for roasters and retailers

iCoffee4.0 is the telemetry and remote control system designed for hot beverage dispensers and traditional coffee machines (bar and Coffee Shop type). This system allows you to have a complete view of both the product dispensed and the use of the machines themselves. 
Thanks to iCoffee4.0, machines become financially supportable with Industry 4.0 bonuses.


Monitor the performance of the machines, manage maintenance more efficiently and keep track of the data collected.


Software per il telecontrollo delle macchine del caffè



Features of iCoffee4.0

The main features of iCoffee4.0 allow you to:

  • monitor the operating parameters of the equipment
  • alert when there is a need for maintenance or interventions
  • block the operation of the machine if necessary
  • locate the machine
  • check if the machine is in operation or is inactive


With iCoffee4.0, every distributor and coffee machine can enjoy the incentives provided by the “Industry 4.0” law. This contribution allows for hyper-depreciation of assets, obtaining considerable fiscal and financial benefits.


Who is iCoffee4.0 suitable for


For companies that provide coffee machines for use to their customers    


For producers of semi-automatic distributors looking for sales incentives


For all those who sell products through vending machines

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Monitor the quality of the coffee produced

The quality of one's coffee is one of the fundamental aspects to maintain the trust of one's customers.


EKRA has defined sophisticated algorithms that, by processing the numerous parameters of coffee production (boiler temperature, product dispensing speed, etc.), manage to attribute and define the quality of the product.
The algorithms have been extensively tested on large amounts of data, using Artificial Intelligence tools that interpret what happens in the places where the machines are used and monitored to define the quality of the product.


The result is a unique solution, which combines technological skills and knowledge of the coffee world, to effectively show how coffee machines work.


Software monitoraggio qualità del caffè distributori

How iCoffee4.0 Works

While the machine is in operation, the system automatically records the machine's operating data through sensors installed inside it.
All the field-recorded data is sent to the web portal, where it is saved, processed, and made available in reports and statistics.


Depending on the collected values, iCoffee4.0 can stop the machine, vary the operating parameters, etc. From the web portal, the system can perform predefined actions, such as sending alarm messages.





Keep track of the location of every machine, wherever it is.

Check territorial coverage and strategically plan machine maintenance and assistance.


Preventive Maintenance

Constant monitoring allows to check the status of the machines and to process statistics on wear and tear and the timing to the next failure. The data, refined over time, can prevent the next failure and predict the affected component.


Automatic reordering

Receive reorders directly from coffee machines, automatically or semi-automatically.
The machines can order the product that is running out on their own, or warn that it is ending.


Customer Loyalty

By monitoring consumption and deliveries, cross-referencing data with supplies from points of sale, you gather information on customer loyalty. Receive alerts if the point of sale uses competitor's products. Protect your investments and limit damage to your image.


Machine Block

Protect your interests with the ability to block machine activities, either automatically, semi-automatically or manually. Manage your machines effectively, even remotely.

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