Patents and Awards

Our work for the continuous development of our services


Discover the Patents and Awards resulting from our investments in Research&Development.


We are recognized as providers of consulting and training services in technological and digital innovation fields for the development of business projects.



Patents and awards


For the Remote control of automatic and semi-automatic dispensers

Since 2017, this solution has allowed the control of thousands of machines throughout the suppliers' territory and to intervene remotely on their operation. The algorithms and AI used in the system allow the analysis of the machine's behavior and how it is used.


For the Remote control of professional coffee machines

Since 2018, it allows remote verification of the quality of the coffee dispensed, checking the reliability of customers and implementing predictive maintenance. All thanks to algorithms and AI capable of analyzing the collected data and deriving detailed reports.

SIAE Registration

Of the WCS - Web Communication Suite software and other solutions

The proprietary software of EKRA has been registered with the SIAE to protect its uniqueness. But not only that, the IT solutions “”, Re-Buy, iCoffee 4.0, iTruck 4.0 and iTree 4.0 have also been registered.


As an Innovative SME

From November 3rd, 2021, EKRA s.r.l. has been officially recognized as an Innovative SME at the national level. Thanks to the merits and commitment in the field, we have shown to be an active part of Italian technological innovation.

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