Driving School Software

The new EKRA solution for driving schools: administration and app for full management


Drive App is the EKRA software designed to facilitate and speed up the management work of a driving school. It consists of an administrative management system, an app for instructors and students that facilitates the organization of driving lessons, and a portal for sharing educational material.
This software is designed for driving schools that want to improve their services, simplify administration, optimize the organization of driving lessons, and simplify communication with students.


In addition, EKRA offers a tailor-made customization of the features, to make Drive App the perfect solution for every need.


Features for your driving school

Driving School Administration

Organize and manage multiple locations, vehicles, and instructors, for any license (including CQC and nautical).
Manage the procedures and the students' registry: from enrollment to the issuance of the license. Create waiting lists, theory and practical lessons, keep a record of payments received.

Instructors and Subscribers App

Provide a shared calendar between instructors and members for real-time management of guides. Allow members to book in the time slots made available by the instructors and take advantage of automatic reminders. Optimize the management of hours and bookings.

Material sharing portal

Share material securely for your subscribers: upload your videos and documents to a portal that subscribers can only access with their own credentials. Manage access to content and check viewing time and progress for each student.

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The benefits of Drive App for your driving school


Intuitive features

The tools provided by Drive App have been designed and built to be easily used even by those who are not very familiar with technology.


Automated alerts and notifications

Drive App automatically sends email alerts and push notifications to instructors and registrants at the time of booking a drive, before the drive and when changes are made to the booking. In addition, the administration can use this system to send messages, push notifications and emails to groups of registrants or individuals.


Without installation

Drive App is a Web Based software, accessible with a simple internet connection from any device.
For this reason, it is also ideal for Smart Working activities.


Complete management of subscribers

From registration to the delivery of the license, Drive App allows you to manage every step of the student's education journey. 


Payment Register

Keep a record of payments, associated with the personal data of the members and the activities they have carried out (such as registration for exams) and easily archivable. Allow installment payments and manage digital booklets.


Digital Passports

Manage and provide valid digital booklets for driving lessons, linked to the subscriber's profile and purchasable directly at the driving school offices. Reduce the practice of payments in the car at the end of the guides and optimize checks.

Software personalizzabile per scuola guida




Customize the software for your driving school

EKRA offers the possibility to customize its software for the management of driving schools, thanks to its internal team of developers.

Every feature can be adapted to the specific needs of each driving school. Moreover, it is possible to create completely customized new functions. The customization offers unique flexibility, to optimize daily operations and adapt the software to the unique processes of the driving school.

Furthermore, EKRA offers the possibility to further customize the software including the logo and images of the driving school. This allows making the App and the administrative portal an integral part of the driving school, offering a personalized experience for the users.


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