Our Partners

Collaboration as the key to success

EKRA is part of a Group composed of the companies Albasys, IT Technologies and Chain Solutions.
These companies are based, have offices and laboratories in the province of Mantova and operate throughout Italy, with particular attention to the northern regions.


The group operates within the ICT sector, offering the market a wide range of services and assets, thanks to our stable collaboration.


Services and Assets

  • Web Solutions
  • Internet of Things - IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Management Software
  • Business Networks
  • Servers and storage solutions
  • Security and Privacy
  • Printing
  • Blockchain and web3.0 solutions


The focus of EKRA is on Web solutions (Web Portals and Mobile Apps), on devices for data collection from the field preparatory to IoT and Industry4.0, as well as dealing with solutions for the Digital Marketing of companies and professionals.

Servizi offerti dal gruppo EKRA

Our partners


Albasys is involved in the marketing and support of hardware and software products, as well as consulting in the field of information technology. They help companies and professionals find the answer to their questions.

Chain Solutions

Chain Solutions is an innovative start-up that develops innovative solutions based on blockchain, with a practical application of the technology for the development of Italian entrepreneurial and professional activity. The goal is to bring companies and professionals closer to this innovative technology, which can offer numerous benefits to any activity.

IT Tecnologie

IT Tecnologie activities are aimed at SMEs in any sector who care about the importance of technological infrastructure, to grow their own business.
IT Technologies offers its products and services in the areas of Networks, Printing, Systems and Management software.

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