Software for Marketing, Sales and After-Sales

WCS: the solution for easy and fast web marketing, a complete management of marketing, sales and after-sales

EKRA has developed for SMEs and professionals a complete solution for the development and management of Web Marketing aimed at conversion, with integrated management for the sales and after-sales part.


Achieve professional results with an intuitive tool and designed to be used by anyone, whether they have no experience or are a web expert. 
Save time and start improving your online image, attract new customers and start converting.




Manage the customer lifecycle and Touchpoints

The EKRA system allows for an integrated and linear management of the customer lifecycle and the touchpoints it faces, both online and offline.


  • Monitor the activities carried out and their effectiveness
  • Set goals and monitor results
  • Manage your online image
  • Communicate with users
  • Manage profiling and contacts
  • Manage Customer Service and Customer Care
  • Take advantage of CRM features

All fully integrated.


software per gestione marketing, vendite e post-vendita

The features included

Manage everything in a single Web Portal:

Online Marketing

  • Create and manage online Touchpoints for your users (website, blog etc.)
  • Create and monitor campaigns 
  • Send communications and newsletters
  • Create and manage Sales Funnel

The Sales

  • Provide catalogs and E-commerce
  • Manage the purchase process
  • Make offers and estimates
  • Monitor results and success rates


  • Manage user loyalty
  • Take care of Customer Service
  • Implement Customer Care



Create your Marketing Plan with the support of Artificial Intelligence

The solution developed by EKRA for Marketing, Sales and After Sales does not stop at managing Touchpoints and the Customer Life Cycle.


Create your Marketing Plan through the dedicated tool, with the support of Artificial Intelligence, to facilitate and speed up the drafting of planning and proposal documents.

Do marketing like a professional in the field, in a few simple steps, directly from your office.



office workers using finance graphs

Why choose the EKRA solution



The WCS is a 100% proprietary solution of EKRA, this means that we can customize it according to the needs of each customer. It is not a box with tools, but an organic instrument in which we can add completely new features or modify those already existing.


The WCS can be completely Tailor-Made, depending on the needs.




The WCS system provides numerous features to choose from, from newsletters to auction systems, from e-commerce to e-learning. It is also possible to integrate third-party systems.




The entire system has been studied, designed and implemented to be intuitive and easy to use, not only by professionals in the field but also by any employee.

In addition, there are Online Help videos that illustrate in detail the use of the features.



In accordance with the GDPR

The WCS is born in accordance with current GDPR regulations, to protect the privacy and data protection rights of customers and suppliers.

Furthermore, it provides numerous tools for a complete management of GDPR in the company, both online and offline.


The integrated
ideal for:

A 360° solution for everyone who wants
to optimize and improve their web presence


Companies and SMEs

SMEs often face financial and resource challenges when it comes to developing and managing an effective online presence. EKRA's WCS software offers these companies a complete solution for Web marketing, simplifying the process of creating and managing digital marketing campaigns, which become manageable even internally.

Through intuitive tools, these companies can improve their online visibility, attract new customers and increase sales. In addition, the integrated management of sales and the post-sales phase allows maintaining positive relationships with existing customers.

Web Agency

The WCS software from EKRA becomes a valuable tool for Web Agencies, as it offers a wide range of integrated features. Agencies can leverage the software to create and implement digital marketing strategies on behalf of their clients.

The centralized management of marketing and sales activities simplifies the decision-making process and the analysis of results, allowing agencies to demonstrate their added value to their clients, through detailed reports and tangible results.


Independent professionals, such as consultants, artists, architects, web specialists, and many other professions, rely on their personal brand to attract clients. EKRA's WCS software offers these professionals a comprehensive tool to build a strong online presence. The software is designed to be intuitive and accessible, even for those with no experience in the field. 

Professionals can use the software to create captivating websites, manage marketing campaigns, and maintain a solid relationship with their clients through after-sales tools. This helps them focus on their main expertise, while the software takes care of the technical and marketing aspects.

Do you want to optimize your online presence and manage your campaigns in the best way possible?

Tell us about your project

We are always curious to discover new ideas and opportunities.

Contact us for more information about our WCS software, for online marketing, sales and after-sales.

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