SEO Consultancy

We make your website competitive so it can be found on search engines


Let's make your pages visible in search results, without sponsorship or advertising. 
Get found by those who could really become your customers and increase your conversion rate.


Whether it's a new site or a several year old one, we are ready to analyze the content, pages, and more technical aspects to guide you towards a solution that will really make you stand out.

Website and Blog Consulting

It's not enough to publish a website online for users to visit it.


With our consultancy, we help you optimize your pages, improve the structure and optimize positioning.


Stand out from the competition and get noticed.


E-Commerce Site and Catalog Consultation

We provide targeted consulting for the optimization of catalogs and E-Commerce, so that your product will appear in general search or image search results.


Start selling online, optimizing the positioning of your products. 


Stages of SEO consulting

Our comprehensive SEO consulting is made up of several stages.
You can choose which specific activities carry out for your Business, depending on your needs.



Initial Audit

A preliminary analysis to assess the overall state of your site's SEO and performance level.
The weaknesses and strengths of the entire site are identified. 
At this stage, it is evaluated and established what interventions need to be made to optimize the site.

On Site SEO Optimization

The optimization process begins with the necessary changes that needs to be made directly on the website.
A strategy is established and activities of SEO optimization begin, which can include the structure of the site, the content and all the specific Meta Data for the different contents present on the site.

Backlink and Off Site Optimization

This phase focuses on building an online reputation outside your website, which allows for good positioning of your website's pages.
A Link Building strategy that encourages positioning on search engines in a consistent and effective way is established and implemented.

Periodic SEO Reports

Once the optimization process is completed, the situation is periodically monitored through detailed reports that illustrate the progress.
It will thus be possible to check the progress of the applied optimization strategy and take stock of the situation on the objectives achieved or to be achieved.




New website? We assist you for the entire project with a SEO Strategy.

The sooner you start managing and optimizing the SEO of your website, the better.
That's why it's important to start building a website from the beginning with a clear SEO strategy to follow.


With our SEO Consultation, we design:

  • The structure of the website
  • The content map
  • Copywriting
  • The Keywords to use
  • Every aspect related to Meta Data
  • Microdata
  • Internal Links and Backlinks
  • And much more, depending on your specific needs.


We can also help you with Italian SEO localization.


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