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We create professional websites, to allow you to stand out and attract new customers


EKRA is dedicated to creating your online image, according to your needs and the needs of your business.


We use our proprietary WCS system, intuitive and easy to use, so that in a few steps you can create new pages, add a photo or modify the text. With our system you can intervene and modify your website even without our support.


The WCS solution is designed to be extremely intuitive, so that it can be used by anyone, even operators who are new to the field. We want the world of web marketing to be accessible to all companies.

A 360° software for managing touchpoints
and the online customer lifecycle

EKRA's WCS solution allows you to develop your online reality in a comprehensive way,
without having to purchase additional tools or rely on additional software.
It allows you to create, modify and implement the best solutions for marketing, in an organic and functional way.

Progettazione e sviluppo siti Web professionali




A professional CMS
within everyone's reach

The solution that allows every company to make its way online, have its own website and attract new customers. 
The system created by EKRA is within everyone's reach, whether it's industry professionals or inexperienced employees.


Manage all the necessary features for the creation and management of a website in a simple and intuitive way. Save time and create a website that represents your company online, with interesting content and that best presents your products and services.
The composition of the elements is based on a drag’n’drop system, while intuitive modules allow you to manage the rest of the content.


The tools immediately at your disposal

Page Structure Management

Block management, to simplify content composition

Menu Management

To organize the main menu, in the footer and also mobile

Form Management

To create forms according to needs and manage the requests received

Media Management

A media archive, with the ability to create galleries and video galleries

News and articles management

To create interesting content that can capture the attention of users

Download and materials management

To directly share useful content on the pages, even requesting data for sending such as email

Catalog Management

To showcase their products and services to users, even with an online shop.

Discover our E-Commerce development service

SEO Management

For immediate and simple SEO optimization for every site content

Why choose the EKRA CMS



Designed and built to be used by anyone, from the professional to the novice employee. 
Content management is based on a block drag'n'drop system, while tools are organized in modules.




A feature you need is not present in the system? We can create it tailor-made for you.
Do you want to start from a site setting created by us? You will be able to modify the contents at your discretion even later.



In accordance with the GDPR

The WCS is designed from the outset to be GDPR compliant and offers numerous tools for managing data processing consents, cookies, and for the protection of privacy, online and offline.




The system designed by EKRA allows the adoption of numerous functionalities already present in the system (+40 modules already available) or to integrate external solutions.


Sviluppo siti web per marketing digitale




Start developing your online marketing strategy

The website is one of the fundamental touchpoints of Web marketing, which helps to attract new Leads and develop knowledge of the company and its value. 

With the WCS solution you can develop your online marketing, starting right from your website and using all those tools that allow you to develop the relationship with the customer and reach new users.

It is possible to use the website as a starting point for numerous web marketing strategies. EKRA provides numerous tools for online marketing, suitable for the development of effective strategies such as Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Nurturing and Inbound Marketing. With EKRA, building web marketing strategies is easy and fast.


Find out more about the marketing tools offered by EKRA on the page dedicated to our integrated solution for Marketing, Sales and After-Sales.


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