Digital Marketing Consultancy

We support you in the growth of your business online, to overcome competition and get known


We support you in the implementation of Digital Marketing strategies that help you reach new customers and improve your online reputation. We help identify your ideal target, set goals, and start earning on the Web.


We design and manage Brand Awareness campaigns with you and establish Customer Journeys that lead to real conversions.

Grow your Online Business and find your Marketing Strategy

The web is a challenging environment to stand out, especially if you have little time or experience.


Our Web Marketing Consultancy will help you establish what your strengths are and how to leverage them to implement a winning strategy, developed according to your goals and the identity of your business.


With us, you can carry out Lead Generation campaigns, Retargeting, define your users' Customer Journey and direct them towards loyalty.
With EKRA you can have all the tools and assistance you need to embark on the path to online success. The tools that will be provided to you will be at your complete disposal to manage the Digital Marketing of your Business independently, even in the future.


Consulenza Digital Marketing per aziende

How can we help you with your Digital Marketing


Customer Journey

We identify your Audience and pinpoint the Touchpoints that will lead users to purchase and loyalty. We help you organize your activities into Sales Funnels, so they can transform a generic user into a customer.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We help you optimize your website so that it can appear in search results. Go to the section dedicated to SEO Consulting to discover more.


DEM (Direct Email Marketing)

We support you in creating effective Email Marketing campaigns that capture the attention of your users. We help you segment your user base to allow you to send messages that can reflect the interests of the users.


Email Marketing Automation

We design and implement Marketing Automation campaigns to allow you to have stable and effective communication with your users. We support you in programming automatic messages and managing automatic email campaigns.


Content Creation

We support you in the design and creation of valuable content for your website, your blog, your social media and much more, to engage users and make you known on the Web.


Social Media Advertising

We help you conceive and design sponsorship campaigns on social media, establish an audience and analyze the results throughout the entire period of activity. Reach users with interests in line with your activity.


Google Ads

We support you from the initial Keyword research to data analysis and campaign optimization. Appear in the top search results, run Retargeting campaigns and outperform competitors.


Article Marketing

We create and publish articles that illustrate your brand and include outbound links to your website, through reliable portals selected according to the themes of your activity. We improve the reputation of your site, your SEO and your Website Domain Authority.



We accompany and assist your employees in learning how to undertake and manage the activities necessary to independently continue Web Marketing strategies. Both in person and remotely.

We help business to get known in Italy


Expanding your business into the Italian market requires a nuanced understanding of its culture, preferences, and consumer behavior. With our consultancy, we guide businesses like yours to navigate the intricacies of the Italian market successfully.


From tailored marketing strategies to cultural insights, we provide comprehensive support to help you introduce your brand effectively in Italy. Whether you're aiming to establish brand recognition, attract new customers, or solidify your presence, our expertise will be invaluable in achieving your goals.


Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your business in Italy and embark on a journey of growth and success.



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