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Develop with EKRA your personal E-Commerce site and start selling online


EKRA creates and develops fully customizable E-Commerce sites, according to the needs of each company. These are not the usual systems with a handful of templates to choose from, EKRA offers the true 'custom-made' that adapts to your needs.


We believe that creating an E-Commerce site should be possible for everyone who wants to sell online, which is why we offer our 360° design service, to develop an attractive E-Commerce site, easy for customers to navigate and updateable according to business needs.

What makes our E-Commerce solution unique?

The catalog

A structure easy to organize, to allow a simple and effective navigation. Add new products or update information at any time with a click.
Set up sections, filters and categories. Allow a local search on the site, so that your various products and services can always be found.


Gestione catalogo per Ecommerce

Fast updates

Change information and products in a few steps.

Massive upload and download

Massively insert products via Excel document, or export your catalog.

Promotions and Coupons

Create promotions with a click and generate unique coupons to send to your customers.

Price List Management

Create and manage different price lists, viewable based on the type of user, for example for professionals.



Gestionale per ecommerce

The management system

The web portal where you can manage every aspect of your online shop.
An easy-to-use system that allows immediate modifications and additions, even for those who are not familiar with backend systems.


With other features developed by EKRA (newsletter, CRM etc.) or with third-party systems.


With new custom features.

Conforme al GDPR

Keeps track of the consents given by users and allows you to manage everything necessary for the GDPR.

Completely online

Accessible anywhere with a simple internet connection, making it ideal for smartworking as well.




Manage the SEO of your products and services, of every page and content without complications.
Position yourself in search results and get found by users. 

gestione seo per ecommerce

Onpage SEO Management

Organize the content, set up the SEO of images, files and everything necessary

Metadata Management

Fill in the metadata for each page and product, conveniently from the appropriate section

Medium SEO Management

Fill in the SEO information for the media you upload to the site, such as photos, download files and much more

Sitemap and Robots File

The sitemap is generated and updated automatically, while the robots.txt file is specifically created



CRM per ecommerce


The tool for managing your customers.
Simple and intuitive, it allows you to organize information and manage the user experience in the best way, leading them towards loyalty.

User Records

Detailed cards of each user, with all the information

Sending communications

Sending newsletters and messages to both individual users and specially created newsletter groups

Check user status

To monitor whether a user is interacting with the company, is ready to receive contact from a salesperson, or is cooling off, all automatically

Data analysis

Integrated data analysis, to verify the pages and products most appreciated by users and those that can be improved

The advantages of the EKRA solution



Designed and built to be used by anyone, from the professional to the novice employee. 
Content management is based on a block drag'n'drop system, while tools are organized in modules.



A feature you need is not present in the system? We can create it tailor-made for you.
Or, we can customize the different aspects already present in the system so that they perfectly adapt to your needs.


In accordance with the GDPR

EKRA solutions are designed from the outset to be GDPR compliant and offer numerous tools for managing data processing consents, cookies, and privacy protection, both online and offline.



The system designed by EKRA allows you to adopt numerous functionalities already present in the system (+40 modules already available) or integrate third-party solutions.

Learn more about the potential of our system, visit the page dedicated to the solution for Digital Marketing, Sales and After-Sales.

realizzazione ecommerce internazionale




Why limit yourself to the national market?

EKRA offers you the opportunity to expand your business on the international market. 


Set up and insert one or more languages for your E-Commerce business and sell abroad without worries.

  • Set up SEO according to the target country (and discover our SEO service)
  • Manage shipments and your warehouse directly from the backend of the solution
  • Allow secure payments and use the appropriate tools for each country


Rebuy: the reacquired made easy


EKRA rebuy e commerce

What is Re-Buy?

Re-Buy is an APP that allows consumers to purchase or repurchase a good with their smartphone, simply by reading a barcode or a QR-code printed on the packaging of your products.


How does Re-Buy work?

Just open the APP on your mobile and read the QR-code on the product: the APP will immediately show the price of the good and the delivery date. The user will just have to enter the desired quantity to confirm the order. 

The order data will go directly to your management system, without the need for an operator to intervene, without phone calls, faxes or emails to manage.

Nothing could be simpler and faster.

Company benefits

  • In-depth knowledge of customers
  • Customer loyalty
  • Ability to send communications and promotions via App
  • Reduction of order management costs
  • Ability to optimize customer service

Consumer benefits

  • A single APP for all repurchases
  • Speed
  • Ease of use
  • Use anywhere and at any time

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