Software for Whistleblowing

The tool to manage reports and comply with regulations:
protects the confidentiality of the whistleblower and facilitates the tasks of those responsible


The tool designed and developed by EKRA for a simple and effective management of Whistleblowing in the company, which at the same time maintains attention on the protection of the whistleblower and respect for privacy.

The Whistleblowing software allows you to manage reports both from employees and third parties.

This solution is integrated with EKRA's WCS system, so it is suitable for those who already have EKRA solutions, or for those who only need this tool.




Protect the whistleblower's privacy, with the ability to send feedback in a simple and intuitive way

Whistleblowing is not just an "act of reporting", but also an effective method of self-protection for the company, which has the ability to handle delicate issues internally.


EKRA's Whistleblowing software allows you to collect reports from employees or third parties (such as suppliers or customers) even in a completely anonymous way.


This tool includes the ability to send communications to the whistleblower, ensuring that they remain anonymous and protected. The manager will be able to: 

  1. Send feedback to the whistleblower on the checks carried out;
  2. Request more information for a better investigation of the reported problem.



Software gestione GDPR in azienda

The included features to facilitate management
of reports

How privacy and ease of use can coexist


The Whistleblowing report management software is a completely online solution, accessible from any browser with an internet connection. 

However, it is accessible only to those with credentials with the appropriate level of authorization.



Summary Dashboard

A real-time updated dashboard that shows the status of the reports received (open, in management and closed), with the ability to filter results by date.
A way to always have an overview of the situation and the activities to be carried out.

Reporting Collection Portal

The Whistleblowing software consists of an online portal where the received reports are collected, filterable by date and status.

It is possible to download the list of reports in PDF format, always respecting the privacy of the reporter.

Report Detail

Each report received has its own summary card, in which the text of the report, the deadlines for feedback, and any data from the reporter (if provided) are visible.

Follow Up Section

In every report detail tab, it's possible to add notes and follow up.

In this section it's also possible to send communications to the reporter, to give feedback or request more information, always with the aim of protecting the reporter's privacy. 

Automatic Reminders

To ensure that the manager follows the reports, provides feedback, and reaches a resolution within the timeframes set by the regulations, the system automatically calculates the deadlines based on the date the report was entered and sends reminders to the manager.

Reminders can be sent via email.

Channels for collecting reports

You are an expert translator, you need to translate into English language.

The reporter will simply need to fill in the fields, even completely anonymously.
The form can be accessed via:

  1. QRCode, for example placed on the bulletin board or in the locker room
  2. Website, via link to the page


The reporter may send an email to a dedicated mailbox.


The system will automatically collect the reports received via email and insert them in real time into the management portal.

Direct Communication

In case a reporter wants to communicate directly an offense or a problem, in person or by call, or with a paper report, the manager can manually insert the report into the portal.

Improve the management of reports in your company

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