2023 Recap

2023 has been a year full of novelties for us!

Date: 08-01-2024

With the start of 2024, we want to take the opportunity to share the changes that have occurred and the projects we have been able to develop in this past year.


Here is a summary of our 2023!

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We have developed numerous solutions


💡 A new module for managing company reports (Whistleblowing);


💡 A new reserved area, customizable with a few clicks, for websites developed on our Web platforms;


💡 New features for the inclusion of new hires in the company (Automated Onboarding), which makes staff operational in a very short time.


3d fluency chatbot

It has been a year marked by AI, used intelligently

We have realized:

🎯 Chatbot with AI;


🎯 A system for drafting the Marketing Plan with AI;


🎯 An automatic translation system for website pages.


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We have organized numerous events

In collaboration with our partners: IT Technologies and Chain Solutions


We have created and published our new website

Have you already visited it?

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We have added new resources to our Programming Team

And the pink quota of EKRA officially surpasses the blue one!


What do we expect from 2024?

Here are some projects on the schedule:

🔥 Implementation of new DriveApp features, our solution for driving schools

🔥 Development of a management system for restaurants

🔥 New solutions based on Artificial Intelligence


🔥 Implementation of AI for social content
🔥 Classroom training courses, dedicated to our customers, for the use of our web platform and related management solutions


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