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Some of the updates made during 2023

Date: 27-12-2023

2023 has been a year full of new features for DriveApp, here are some functionalities that we have implemented in our system to offer even better management for driving schools. Drive App is our management system dedicated to the world of driving schools. It consists of a portal for administration and an App dedicated to organizing the driving schedule for students and instructors.

7 novelties for optimized driving school management

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New method of entering subscribers into waiting lists

Directly from the practice of the registered user and with just one click, the administration can decide whether to place the student on the waiting lists for theory or driving tests. The system will automatically place them on the correct waiting list, based on the license they are obtaining.


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Opportunity for registered students to sign up for theory exams

If on the waiting list, subscribers can book directly through the App to participate in the theory exams. On the administrative portal side, the subscriber will be added to the list for the license they are pursuing, but with the final approval belonging to the Administration.


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New agenda and calendar view

With a click, it is possible to switch from the grid view of the appointment calendar (containing guides etc.) to a list view, which can be easily filtered as needed. 

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More information on available bookings in the agenda

Drive App not only features a comprehensive and intuitive calendar for driving lessons: from now on, the agenda will also display the subscriber's phone number and whether the driving has been paid for or not. Guides that are still to be paid will be highlighted in red, for an immediate understanding of the situation at a glance.

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New Dashboard with daily guides, medical appointments, and deadlines

An intuitive dashboard where you can view the daily guides (divided by each instructor), a summary of subscribers with or without a medical visit, and a list of practices that are expiring.

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New schedule for vehicle documents, with notification alerts

For each vehicle of the driving school, it is possible to enter the expiration of insurance and revision, with the possibility of receiving notifications as the expiration approaches, both for Administration and Instructors. Moreover, it is possible to assign instructors to the vehicle they use, so that they are the ones to receive the expiration notifications and can act in time.

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New possibilities to indicate whether a driving lesson has been paid for or not

New feature to make it easier and more immediate to keep track of the guides that have been paid and those that are still to be settled. It is possible to mark it with a click from the appointment calendar (ideal for Administration), but instructors can also mark it directly from the App, for monitoring even during the working day. All in real time.

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