Blockchain Development and Related Services

EKRA develops solutions based on Blockchain technology


We create solutions and projects based on Blockchain technology.

Our mission is to customize responses to the needs of each company, offering a tailored service that goes well beyond traditional digital offerings. Our goal is to make the experience of Italian Small and Medium Enterprises more innovative, complete, and effective.

Explore the future of your business with our customized blockchain solutions.

Custom Blockchain Services

The types of solutions we can help you develop to meet your specific needs

Document Certification

Safety and authenticity guaranteed for every document through blockchain technology. Protect your most sensitive information.

Photo and Video Certification

Get maximum security for your digital media and certify their creation. Blockchain ensures the integrity and authenticity of your images and videos.

Club and Associations Management

Simplify the management of associations and members with a customized blockchain solution. Improve efficiency, transparency, and governance methodology.

Intellectual Property Protection

Protect your ideas and creations with blockchain. Ensure intellectual property securely and immutably.

Product and Production Tracking

Monitor your supply chain and track every stage of production. Maximize efficiency and quality.

Activity Automation

Simplify business processes with blockchain-based automation. Save time and valuable resources.

Why Choose EKRA



With solid experience spanning several years in the blockchain technology field, our team of experts is dedicated to providing advanced and reliable solutions for your business challenges.



We earned the title of Innovative Company in 2021 thanks to our registered patents and ongoing commitment to developing new ideas. Your safety and innovation are at the heart of our mission.



We put your needs first. Our customer service is always available to make changes or customize solutions based on your specific requirements.



We face challenges with professionalism and attention, adopting specific methodologies such as Agile and ITIL. Your success is our priority.

The benefits of
Blockchain technology





The blockchain technology provides advanced security due to its decentralized structure and the use of advanced cryptography. Data is protected from manipulation and unauthorized access.

Authenticity and Integrity of Data

The blockchain ensures the authenticity and integrity of recorded data. Documents, images, and videos certified on the blockchain become immutable, eliminating the risk of counterfeiting.

Total Transparency

The blockchain ensures the authenticity and integrity of recorded data. Documents, images, and videos certified on the blockchain become immutable, eliminating the risk of counterfeiting.

Regulatory Compliance

The blockchain facilitates compliance maintenance, allowing for accurate and accessible recording for the relevant authorities.

Operational Efficiency

Process automation through blockchain reduces the time and effort required for daily activities. This leads to greater operational efficiency and a reduction in human errors.

Cost Savings

Reduction of operational costs through the elimination of intermediaries and manual processes. Blockchain simplifies transactions and certifications, leading to significant long-term savings.

Traceability and Supply Chain Management

Tracking products and production through blockchain allows for more efficient supply chain management, reducing the risk of fraud and improving quality.

Intellectual Property Protection

The blockchain provides robust protection for intellectual property, ensuring the recording and certified dating of ideas and creations.

Discover the Difference with Blockchain

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We are ready to collaborate with you to create customized and cutting-edge blockchain solutions.

Contact us today to discuss your project and find out how we can turn your ideas into digital reality.

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